How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Here are some simple suggestions of ways of getting into the Christmas spirit. Start them as early or late as you like!

  • Watch your favorite Christmas movie.
  • Stroll around your local area looking at Christmas lights. Consider going with family or friends. Afterwards, invite everyone in for a hot chocolate or mulled wine.
  • See a pantomime or Christmas play.
  • Do some Christmas baking or make Christmas candy.
  • Wrap gifts.

  • Listen to Christmas music.
  • Decorate your home, garden, and even your car or bicycle.
  • Start making and/or writing your Christmas cards. You may want to use a Christmas card kit.
  • Make a miniature Christmas garden.
  • Make or buy an advent calendar and remember to get it out on the first of December. A candle advent calendar is a nice option for adults.
  • Go to a Christmas carol service in a local church.
  • Wear festive jewelry. For example, a Christmassy brooch/pin on your coat.
  • Wear a Christmassy wrist watch. See Whimsical Christmas Watches for a lovely selection.
  • If there is snow, build a snowman and/or write Christmas messages in the snow.
  • If there is frozen water or an ice rink, go ice skating.
  • Put bird food out to attract robins.
  • Contact someone you have lost touch with. Christmas is a great time to reconnect with long lost friends and family.
  • Check your local cinema program to see if there is a Christmassy film on. If so, go and see it!
  • Go Christmas shopping.
  • Treat yourself to a Christmas lunch or dinner out. Many restaurants have special Christmas menus in December.
  • Wish people a “Merry Christmas” or, if you prefer, “Happy Holidays”.
  • Go to or help at a Christmas bazaar.
  • Read a Christmas story to yourself or out loud to others.
  • Wear green and/or red clothes.
  • Browse the Internet for Christmas-related sites. This can be done as early in the year as you like. Start by checking our links page.
  • Host a Christmas party.

Some of these suggestions can of course be done simultaneously! If you can think of any others, please leave a comment here or contact me with your ideas.

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