Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

We all probably know someone who has almost everything they could ever need or want in life. Such people are naturally very difficult to buy Christmas gifts for!

Here is a list of Christmas gift ideas (to suit all budgets) to help with this problem. If you think of any other ideas, please comment below or contact me.

Gifts for animal lovers


An Ecosphere is a sealed glass ball containing filtered sea water, micro-organisms, bacteria, algae, and tiny shrimp in a stable miniature ecosystem.

There are a range of sizes and shapes (e.g., sphere, waterdrop, pod, and candle) available.

Bird food, feeders, baths, and houses

Any bird lover will enjoy watching birds having a refreshing bath or fighting over seeds hung in containers around the garden. Any of the above items may even attract a new species of bird to the garden! For those new to bird watching, you could also give an accompanying bird identification book.

Pet treats

People’s pets are often considered part of the family. So making a pet happy with a delicious treat or a new toy will make the owners happy too.

Romantic gifts

A unique, self-designed diamond ring

Amazon have an easy to use “Create Your Own Ring” tool. The tool enables you to create a unique diamond ring by allowing you to choose the diamond shape, carat, cut, and color, and setting style, and metal. Make sure you also enter the desired ring size! If you unsure of the exact ring size you need, it may be safer to go for a slightly larger ring because it is often easier and cheaper to reduce the size of a ring than it is to increase it.

A framed photo of you and your loved one

A framed photograph of you and your loved one, perhaps taken during a special trip, is bound to be received well!

Edible gifts

Homemade cookies or candy

Food gifts are always a good option for people who already everything they need. They are also ideal for people who have limited space at home and so don’t want to accumulate clutter. Homemade treats will be especially appreciated as they show that you have put thought and time into the gift. Consider putting the treats in a festive container, such as a pretty jar or tin.

Themed food hamper

These can be made or bought ready made. See the how to make a Christmas hamper page for more information.

Gift jar

Layer all of the (dry) ingredients you need to make a delicious treat (e.g., biscuits or a cake) in a clean jar. Tightly screw the lid closed and, using a festive ribbon, attach a tag with instructions.

Gift cards/vouchers

Cinema, theme park, store, or restaurant gift card

Giving a gift card/voucher for one of the above instead of money will force the recipient to use the “money” for something special, rather than on everyday necessities. Cinemas and theme parks may alternatively offer open dated tickets that can be given as gifts. Make sure to check the length of the gift card or ticket’s validity though.

Amazon gift card/certificate

You can choose to have these emailed or posted to the recipient. Alternatively, you can print the gift card out yourself to give in person. offers the possibility to send the gift card to a Facebook friend via a Wall post.

Giving an experience

Gift experiences

These come in a wide variety of themes, including spa treatments, photo shoots, overnight hotel stays, cookery workshops, and flying lessons.

Subscriptions as a gift

Magazine subscription

Give the gift of knowledge by giving a magazine subscription for Christmas. If you only want to give one year’s worth of magazines, make sure to check whether you need to cancel or transfer the subscription after one year.

DVD rental subscription

There are many DVD rental websites that offer mail-based subscriptions. This means that the recipient receives and returns the DVDs by mail instead of having to visit a particular store in person.

Gifts for keen travellers

Travel guide

If you know of any vacations the recipient has planned, consider buying a relevant destination guide book. If they have been to the place before, you may want to buy a newly released book so that they are unlikely to already have it.

Travel essentials

Consider giving travel supplies, such as a world electrical adaptor, eye mask, ear plugs, mini travel toiletries, or even a suitcase, to anyone you know who has a holiday or long trip planned. You could buy several and make an attractive travel hamper.

Gifts for nature lovers

A house or garden plant

If taken care of correctly, a plant for in- or outdoors will most likely give the receiver pleasure for many weeks, months, or even years! If the receiver is a very busy person, consider buying a cactus.

Bulbs or seeds for planting in the garden

Buying someone perennial plant seeds or bulbs will mean that they will enjoy your gift for many years to come!

Miscellaneous gifts

A newly released DVD, CD, or book

Your recipent is unlikely to have a DVD, CD, or book that has just been released.

A unique Christmas decoration

A unique Christmas decoration will be brought out each year and enjoyed time after time.

Photo frame

Something that everyone can have more than one of is a photo frame! Try to think of the style of the recipient’s home before buying one. You can leave the frame empty or insert a scenic picture or personal photo. With a larger frame, you could make a collage of special photos.

A special souvenir bought whilst on vacation

Even someone who has everything is unlikely to have items similar to souvenirs bought whilst away on vacation.

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