Synchronized Christmas Lights and Music

Like in the movie “Deck the Halls“, many people have elaborate Christmas light displays that flash in synchronization with music.

The Internet allows these displays to be enjoyed by the whole world. Below are a few examples that I’ve found on YouTube! In these cases, rather than the music blasting from the house, the owners have cleverly and considerately arranged for the music to be playing on a radio station, so as not to disturb the neighbors. People pulling up in cars to look at the lights can hear the music via their car radios.

According to the comments on YouTube on this first video, these neighbors are fortunately still good friends!

I love the music in the next two clips….

Twinkling lights

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    It’s funny. as we sell Christmas Lights to many a light fanatic, we often wonder how the neighbors react. For the most part, it seems like teh neighbors like it.

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