What Do You Have for Breakfast on Christmas Day?

While my family and I spend a lot of time thinking about and preparing the mid-day and evening meals on Christmas day, we have no special food traditions for breakfast. We have what we normally have: tea, cereal, and toast. Perhaps we do this because we need to save room for more food later in the day. It still seems a shame that we don’t start the day with some festive food to mark the occasion.

I, as I’m sure are other visitors to the site, am really curious to know what people have for breakfast on Christmas day. So, please consider sending me a little note or leaving a comment below, telling what you or your family have at breakfast on Christmas morning. Whether it is as simple as coffee and toast, or a festive recipe passed down the generations of your family, I’m interested to hear it! Stating your country of origin/residence would also be nice, so that we can see if there are regional differences. Any photos you’ve taken are also most welcome. I’ll post all of your replies here, so that others might be inspired to do something new for breakfast! (If you don’t want your name shown, please let me know.)

I am from Ottawa, Canada. A tradition that I had since childhood, and my wife and I still observe to date with our children is to open the Christmas stockings first, then sit down to a big Christmas breakfast. Often we sit for close to an hour, so there is a lot of excitement building as the Stocking is really a bit of a tease knowing that many more gifts await under the tree.

Usually, our breakfast is an oven omelette, bacon, hash browns, toast, muffins, coffee, and juice. The oven omelette is made from eggs, ham, onions, green peppers, and cheese.

As with all of our holiday meals, from Turkey on Christmas Eve to a buffet for Christmas dinner (meatballs, seafood, etc), Breakfast is an important part of our celebration and is centred around a social family gathering and involves lots of food (and calories).

– Jeffery Barrett

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