Pin the Tail on the Reindeer

This game is a Christmas version of the traditional children’s game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.

How to play

  1. Make or acquire a large drawing of a reindeer that has no tail. Draw a clear X where the tail should be.
  2. Hang the picture up on a wall. To prevent your wall from getting pin holes in it, consider placing a cork pinboard or a thick piece of cardboard between the picture and the wall.
  3. In turn, each player is blindfolded, spun around a few times, and then given a “tail” with a tack poked through it. Whilst still blindfolded, the player then needs to pin the tail where they think it should be on the reindeer. Whoever pins their tail closest to the X wins.

Another Christmas variant of this game is “Pin the Nose on the Snowman”!

Pin the tail on the reindeer

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