Guess the Christmas Song

This is a fun game that is great for Christmas parties. The game is very simple, but it will no doubt get everyone in a festive mood!

You will need

  • A group of participants
  • A hifi or other means to play Christmas music (note: there must be an easy way of starting and stopping the music abruptly)
  • A selection of Christmas songs, carols, or even instrumental Christmas music
  • A non-player to be in charge of the music

How to play

  1. The person in charge of the music should play a small snippet (e.g., 4 seconds) of Christmas music.
  2. The players have to guess what it is!
  3. Repeat the above steps for as long as people are interested in playing.

CDs with a selection of Christmas songs and carols by various artists are ideal to use for this game.

The longer the music snippets are, the easier the game is. The game can therefore be played at children’s parties. Do make sure that the Christmas tracks are fairly well known, so that the children have a chance of guessing correctly!


The game can also be played by having participants each sing a snippet of a Christmas song or carol, instead of using recorded music. Only do it this way if you think that everyone present knows at least a few words of a few carols or songs!

Music notes

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