Christmas Pictures to Color in

Here is a wonderful online coloring-in game with a selection of Christmas pictures.

Use your left mouse button to navigate this online activity. You can color in an area by choosing a color from the palette and then clicking in the area on the picture that you’d like to fill. The color you have selected appears in the box above the color palette. Note that you can make any selected color darker or lighter by dragging the black arrow beneath the palette. Besides coloring in, you can also draw freely on the picture. To do this, click on one of the dots (whichever thickness you want your pencil to be) under the text “DRAWING TOOLS”. Choose a color from the palette. Then click and drag to draw or write text on the picture. You can switch back to coloring in by clicking the paint-bucket icon. You can print your picture (the green border will not be printed, only your picture will), undo your last actions, and erase your colors and any drawings/text (i.e., reset the picture).

To color in a picture other than the Christmas tree, which is the default picture, select another picture from the drop-down menu shown under “Color Other Pictures”. As you will see, there is a fairly large selection. Some are easier than others so there is bound to be one that is suitable for your child!

Why not get your child to write a Christmas message or just sign their name in the blank space? Consider printing out mulitple copies to make into Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. Alternatively, a framed print-out would make a lovely gift for proud grandparents or aunties and uncles.

Another idea is to print the plain black and white version of your chosen picture. It can then be colored in and decorated by hand.

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